I love projects with a startlingly easy path through to completion. You simply indulge yourself in colorful, creative play and get something beautiful completed without a big investment of time.

The minutes just colorfully float by...

Color-Your-Day Creative

Fiberella Studio Free-views
include video tutorials,
student handouts and blog postings


Ribbons of Color - trim your way Scaffidi

Ribbons of Color - trim your way!
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Fiberella Mini Landscapes - a free-view about color

Mini Landscapes with Natural Color Bridges
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Fiberella Silk Baskets - Paula Scaffidi

Silk Baskets to Custom Color
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Rainbow Zip Cases
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Fiberella Button Art

Artsy Easy Buttons
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Fiberella Summertime Mini Project

Out-of-Pocket Summertime Wallet
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Color-Your-Day Creative is Paula Scaffidi’s bi-monthly blog at Brewer Inspires
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